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Gamify Any Video Quickly

97% Watch the ENTIRE VIDEO

In today's fast-paced digital world, keeping your audience engaged is more challenging than ever.

Gamified Videos get more Attention, Views, and Leads!

Viewers earn rewards for watching 100% of the video!
No skipping allowed! Clickable gifs make videos fun and Rewarding!

Gamified Gifs = TikTok Brain Quick-Fix

Capture Email and SMS From Every Viewer to supercharge your marketing efforts! Maximize engagement as viewers watch 100% of your video!

Don't just watch - PLAY!

Immerse yourself in the world of INTERACTIVE Videos!

Experience the FUTURE of marketing as you PLAY your way through engaging videos!

Try some DEMO AD EXAMPLES of Gamified Videos below!

Videos are published on YOUR Brands Domain (Ex. papajohns.com/freepizza)

Post your domain anywhere to advertise your Gamified video

Offer a REWARD to go VIRAL!

*Gamified Videos below are for demo purposes only

Free Garlic Stuffed Crust medium pizza

Watch the Video and click all the gifs to earn a free pizza!

Mr. Beast play to win challenge!

Example with a lander. Watch the video and click and all the gifs to win $100, $10,000, or a chance to be in the next show!

Upgrade to the latest iPhone 15

Win the game to score 15% of an Iphone 15! Click the gifs to win!

Don't miss out on this exclusive offer!

Get 25% off Air Jordans, but act fast - it's limited to the first 100 customers only! Click the gifs to win!

free batman ticket!

1 per customer! Click the gifs to win!

Free garlic stuffed crust medium pizza

Overlayed on a youtube video rather than a custom video player. Click the gifs to win!

$5000 off 2023 C-Class

Get $5000 off 2023 C-Class, but act fast - it's limited to the first 100 customers only! Click the gifs to win!

$350 rebate to new customers

Overlayed on a youtube video. $350 rebate to new customers in style with this exclusive offer! Click the gifs to win!

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Performance payment per lead after

Must meet monetization standards to qualify

Tired of getting millions of views on videos without capturing a single email?

VidMoola’s Revolutionary Technology Turns Viewers into Leads

  • Turn Videos into Video Games!
  • Capture Email and SMS From Every Viewer
  • Viewers watch 100% of your video!
  • Gamified Gifs Capture TONS more Leads

*The Gif Games are for illustrative purposes only

Capture 1,000,000 emails overnight?

Watch influencer gamification capture 1,000,000 emails!

How does it work?

4 simple steps


1. Embed Gamfiied video on your website 


2. Share the video link anywhere


3. Offer a reward for watching your video!


4. Capture verified email and SMS to the database


We handle creating the gifs and helping you for free!


No tech guy needed!


The result: More leads and more revenue from your audience

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